Reflected Lies

Day 2 of NaPoWriMo, telling lies…..

  • My reflection shows unhappiness
    Ugly overweight I see
    So I run away the tears
    Adrenalin driving on me
    I peddle up and down the lane
    Striving to slim my fat thighs
    A hundred press ups a day
    Is sure to reduce my size
    At tea time I just fork my food
    I never feel hungry any more
    I get constantly frustrated by friendsimage
    They say that I am losing my mind
    They say that my body is haggard
    Jutting out ribs and hips
    They say that my hair is thinning
    Falling out in bits
    They say my skin is pale
    Like paper with an ash kiss
    But what they say is a lie
    Because the reflection I see
    Is the reason why
    My imperfections rule me

    By Katie Haigh


    (c) katiehaigh2013

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    1. roninjax says:

      I’m glad we all are not created as robots. Each of us is special in varying ways, beautiful non-the-less. People may judge us on the outside but they may never know what’s on the inside. Beautiful. 🙂

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