Faking It!

Day 15 of NaPoWriMo, Just catching up this morning, I missed day 15 due to being ill so decided to post this piece I wrote at my writing group Langley Writers yesterday. We picked props out of a bag to write about. I got a big pink fake flower but after writing about the flower we had to reach in and get another item. I got a blue boar. The idea was to include the second item into your first bit of writing. So here’s my work.

I stand within this vase
Still as perfect as when first made
My petals have not wilted
My stalk bendy but strong
I am bright pink
Decorative and fun
Also hay fever friendly
There’s no pollen with me
And defiantly no bees

But outside I see daisies
Dancing in the breeze
Some of their petals are broken
But they still smile with ease
The children like them very much
They make daisy chains
I feel jealous of their existence
And worry they pity me
For how can I be a flower
if I don’t grow with earth beneath

But what’s this on the horizon
A big blue boar I see
He’s trampled all the daisies
And now he’s ate some for his tea
Oh dear, oh dear, oh deary me
I glad I’m not out out there
Maybe being a fake flower
Is better after all

By Katie Haigh
(C)katiehaigh April 2013

20130419-102618.jpgPhoto from unknown publisher


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