Home and Homeless

imageDay 30 of NaPoWriMo!! Last day, I made it! Today’s prompt was to find a poem and then write the opposite of each word to create a new piece. I’ve used my Poem “Home” which is now “Homeless”, both are below:

Home isn’t bricks and mortar
Or expensive price tags
It’s not mountains of possessions
Or the amount of cash you have
Home is with family
Where we gather to relax
To share sadness and happiness
Or memories to look back
Home is comfort
Chilling on the couch
Cuddles with my children
Romance with my husband
Home is where ever you make it
Create it as your own
Home is family
Belonging is home

Homeless is soft and hard
cheap free untagged
It’s mole hills of non processions
the lack of cash you have
Homeless is without family
Where we are alone to stress
To hide happiness and sadness
Or lost thoughts, you cant look back
Homeless is discomfort
Alert on the street
No cuddles with my children
Romance all gone
Homeless isn’t where you make it
Destroy it for everyone
Homeless isn’t family
Loneliness is homeless

By Katie Haigh
(C)katiehaigh April2013

2 Comments Add yours

  1. InfiniteZip says:

    So true and thought provoking:)

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