Familiar Silence

Day 6 prompt was to look out my window and collect nouns and verbs from what I saw and use them to write a poem. After I spent all of yesterday running around like a mad person at a family fun day fundraiser which I had, with others, organised and ran, I had to spend most of the day today recovering. So it has become a night time glance which in turn has taken me to dark places

Familiar Silence

Familiarity becomes eerie with silence
Under the yellow glow of street lamps
The houses are walls
Separating me from people
They cannot hear me scream
Rain drops drip off arm like branches
Who reach out
Battered by boisterous winds
The black velvet sky engulfs me
Surrounding me with darkness
And yet peppered stars
Offer something to navigate by
A gathering of friendly bright daffodils
Means home is within reach
I stretch my arm out
Almost there
Behind the red door
I am home

By Katie Haigh
copyrighted@K.Haigh 07/04/14.

Photograph by Katie Haigh


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