The Gift of a Doll

Day 12 prompt was to pick a common noun for a physically thing, so I choose doll and then to pick something intangible, so I choose fear. I written down the meanings and this is what came of it.

The Gift of a Doll

The doll was given as a gift
Mum put it on her shelf
Pride of place
But it’s china white skin gave her chills
As it’s marble eyes stared into her soul
She was sure at night
The doll would wake
Climb into her bed
To steal her dreams
Scratch into her thoughts
Darkening her light inside
She knew it was evil
And she had no where hide
So she sat frozen on her bed
Watching that doll
Filled with dread

By Katie Haigh
copyright@K.Haigh 12/04/14

Photograph by Katie Haigh


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