Spring Arrival

Day 14 of Napowrimo and I had Darn-hill Scribblers, a local writing group I go to. So because it was a family style workshop we did the subject of Spring. We were asked about taste, smell etc of spring. And this is what came for me.

Springs Arrival

Spring sneezes into arrival
Pollen floating through the air
Bird songs become a symphony
A morning wake up call
It warms my neck
With golden rays peaking through clouds
The freshly cut grass is everywhere
I can taste it on my tongue
Smoke rises from gardens
BBQ seasons begun
Burgers cooking
Burnt coal
Wafting through the air
Spring is here
But don’t you say it to loud
It might just disappear
Beneath that black cloud

By Katie Haigh
copyright@K.Haigh 14/04/14



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