Reflections of Mother Nature

Day 23’s prompt didn’t really appeal to me so instead I’ve used a different prompt of what would Mother Nature be like as a person, what would she look like? What personality would she have?

Reflections of Mother Nature

Her hair an autumn auburn
Her skin a sunset kiss
Her clothes a fresh cut field
With flowers flowing through it
She would be beauty defined
While camouflaged into nature
She would be sensitive
A dying flower brings her tears
She would be vengeful
To those who destroy her creations
A fiery temper
Get to close,and you’ll burn
But on her good side
She is generous
Kind hearted and considerate
For she sees the real beauty
Of a blade of grass
And her words are like a bird song
When she sings of a new season
For within her heart
Mother Nature is home

By Katie Haigh
copyright@K.Haigh 23/04/14

Photo by Katie Haigh

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