Seeking Suicide

Day 24s prompt has been inspired by Peter Roberts whose taken part in Napowrimo for several years now and he writes poems only about masonry. So today’s challenge is to write a poem including bricks, buildings, arches in some way. I have used the walls we have within to build my piece.

Seeking Suicide

He builds a wall
To block out the world
He sits in the centre
Alone and lost
He looks up at the light
Streaming into his pit of despair
His nails are cracked and broken
From scratching at red bricks
It’s dust coated in his blood
Desperation in solitude
Becomes intolerable
He begins to block the hole
The remaining light snuffed out
His hand disappears
With the last brick placed
A wall remains
His name carved
To say
he was here once

By Katie Haigh
copyright@K.Haigh 24/04/14

Photo By Katie Haigh

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