It Only Takes

Day 25 of Napowrimo and the prompt is to write an Anaphora.

It Only Takes

It only takes a moment to change direction
It only takes a hour to walk through the park
It only takes 24 hours to be one day older
It only takes a weekend to have a short break
It only takes a week of work to get a day off
It only takes a month to change a season
It only takes a year or two to earn an NVQ
It only takes a decade for a life to change
It only takes a century for the world to be a different place
It only takes time, time always ticking
And it only takes you, to hold on, with both hands, tight

By Katie Haigh
copyright@K.Haigh 25/04/14


Photo by Katie Haigh


2 Comments Add yours

  1. mabhsavage says:

    I love the way this ends, the image of holding on tight.

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