Dark Little Secrets

Day 26 of Napowrimo and the prompt is to write a curtal sonnet. I found this one quite challenging, so hopefully I’ve followed the formula correctly.

Dark Little Secrets

Treading on broken shells, careless feet
Crunching beneath bare skin, sharp jagged edge
Destruction left behind, devastated beauty
I had took this path, on words of deceit
Now skin is torn, on the brink of a pledge
I had made promises, fear brought on by duty

So onward I pushed, knowing that I must
Through deep dark pits, I clawed and I dredged
I stared at my reflection, it was all sooty

I felt shame, I learnt to distrust
I am not true beauty

By Katie Haigh
copyright@K.Haigh 26/04/14

Photo By Ashleigh Haigh

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