Scrap Metal: Day 4 Napowrimo 2015

Day 4 prompt. An anti love poem with as few cliches as possible. I’ve give it my best with this imaginative piece.

Scrap Metal 

You don’t complete me

Or light up my life

In fact your beneath me

With the filth and the slime

Your boots thick with mud

Stomped over my mat

Crashed through my delicates

And treated me like….. Scrap

Your tasteless and bitter

I’m sunny and bright

My life is much fitter

Your wrong and I’m right

So I’m over the hill now

I’m waving goodbye

Il take a final bow

To which I want no reply

By Katie Haigh



Photo by Katie Haigh


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Melanie says:

    This is very dark for you. It’s wonderful: x

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