Eating Your Words. Napowrimo Day 10 2015

Playing catchup now with Napowrimo, after a very busy weekend at Pgl with my Brownie Group and Co-leader and then a bad flare up and lots of recovery time, I’m back in the saddle again. Kids back at school Monday, so all being well I’ll be able to get back into the flow.

For Day 10 of Napowrimo I’m following an alphabet prompt.

Eating your Words 

An appetite for the alphabet can make you articulate 

Blueberry’s bursting boldly with blissful bounce

Crunchy crisps crinkle cut or straight

Dunking donuts deliciously doughy 

Extremely exquisite eggsecelennt eggs

Feel good fresh fruit, fantastically fit

Grown in the ground garlic good

Homegrown heartfelt happy honey

Irresistible ice cream including a flake

Juicy jelly joyful gelatine 

Killer ketchup charismatically red

Loud lemons and lively limes 

Moist melon melting in mouth

Naughty but nice neat little nuts 

Offensive Onions only make you cry

Pickled peppers perfectly picked

Quirky quorn a quick alternative  

Ripe radishes ready for roasting  

Subtly simple soul food spaghetti   

Tantalising Tagliatelle touching taste buds

Uplifting comfort, upside down cake

Very virtuous sliced Viennetta   

Wickedly worthless words wastefully ingested 

Xom tum extremely hot Tai 

Young at heart, yummy yogurt 

Zany zucchini from over seas 

By Katie Haigh



Photo by Ashleigh Haigh, Age 14



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