Yesterday’s News

Yesterday’s News 
Today is the last day

The last day

shutters will rise

Like the sun

Bringing in daylight.

The last day

Tension on door spring

Will shriek

I will no longer

Bare witness to

 a broken community

Divided by broken bricks

Of varying skins

Such hatred, such fear, 

Such we lived

We remained impartial 

Frozen in limbo

Because we do not fit 

Into their war

We were young and ambitious once 

Thinking we could sell little necessities

Top ups, bread, ciggies and so on

To start our married life

To start our family

But the battle line

Was drawn

And sides were made

We became casualties 

Caught in the middle

My wife had sort peace

But was hit by 

the broken bricks of race

And crumbled on the street

Like so many 

tossed away sweet wrappers

And cigarette buds

She was lost

 I was lost

 without her

So I had to leave

Pain, hatred, tension

It had began to consume me

No more

So as I close the shutters

The last flickers of light disappear

She is gone, I am gone

We are gone
By Katie Haigh 

Copyright@KatieHaigh 14th September 2015


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