Jailed Within

Know it’s a bit dark but sometimes especially late at night, the pain gets to me and writing is one of the ways I can deal with it 
Jailed Within
I feel them gripping

Tightly pressed around my ribs

Holding me in a vice

Invisible fingers pressing deeply

Between cages of rib 

Structured to give strength

Yet beneath mine

I feel weak, cracked and broken

I ache 

With a burning intensity 

Then there’s my shoulders

Unseen boulders weigh them down

Dragging on me like chains 

I pull them along with me

Continuing to live 

There presence stalks me

Along with the metaphorical steel  

Sharpening my vertebrae 

Like an unbreakable rod  

A solid jail inside me

Taunting me

Torturing me

Haunting me

Like a demonic ghost 

Who will not let me be

I want to escape

But I don’t know how
By Katie Haigh


Me and my son Jake who both suffer pain due to chronic illnesses. This was on one of our bad days 

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