The Witching Hour 

The Witching Hour
There was a time

When innocence burned

Upon the stake of witch

When people cheered 

At blood and tears

And watched in gleeful spirit

For you see in those days

Difference was a crime

Someone who used herbs to heal

Was blamed of casting spells

Once names were spoke

Torture they endured

By those with devilish delight

They’d cripple their hands

Break their limbs 

Search for the Devils sign

Some were drowned

Within an inch of breath

Others cried for life

But once they broke

The words they spoke

Would be their sentencing

others they named

In fear they blamed 

In hope the pain would stop

They only felt shamed  

Because now they knew 

They would share their fate

So they had company 

Side by side 

on that fateful day

When the noose around their neck

Took their final breath

Innocent blood was spilled 
By Katie Haigh 
copyright@K.Haigh 23rd October 2015

  Photo by Katie Haigh 


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