A kind soul,

Beloved by many.

She adopted children, as a Grandma.

Gave them a place in her heart.

She enlightened lives of those she met.

Friends, family, loved ones.

They all admired her generous spirit.

Her humour and her sense of adventure. 

She who cheered on her favourite team, Rochdale.

With friends by her side.

She who gave all of herself to a group of Brownies.

Getting to know each and every one individually. 

She was always there for them.

When times were bad,

Even taking get well cards to poorly girls.

When we did a compliments game at Brownies.

Lots of the girls complimented her,

For always giving them biscuits. 

We all had a good laugh about that.

We have lots of memories. 

Of fun, chaotic and busy times,

As leaders together.

My first encounter of Denise,

Was through my good friend Diana.

She has always been there,

For Diana and her family.

Every party, every show,

Through good times and bad.

But there are also other parts to her,

Parts I didn’t know well.

Her job at the dentist.

Her family life.

Others bonds and relationships,

Connections she’d made.

Because after all.

All who knew her,

Loved her.

Her husband Michael, 

Has lost his soul mate,

His other half.

We all feel, 

There’s a hole in our lives.

We feel emptiness,


Why did she have go so soon?

But we must hold on to the happiness.

The memories, the joy she gave us.

She has touched our lives like no other.

And we will never forget,

By Katie Haigh

copyright@K.Haigh 10th December 2015


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