Connection Unconditional

For Day two of Napowrino, I have gone promptless and let inspiration come from the thoughts within.
Connection Unconditional 
She is comfort.

Warm hands to hold.

An engaging smile.

A kind heart.

Which is gratefully received.
Strawberry blond.

Like me,

She is pale and freckled.

We sound alike.

Or so I’m told.

When I answer the phone,

They think I’m her.
My Dads skin is red.

He says,

He’s “A red blooded Scots man”

And “We are English roses” 

He loves that difference.
She is by my side,

Listening to my words.

We share expressions of joy.

Those times that lift us.

Make us feel happy.

Like sunshine peeking through clouds.

We enjoy its warmth.

A moments memories.
She is holding me up.

When heavy boulders of distress,

Come crashing into our lives.

Like a bitter dark storm.

We share our rain drop tears. 

Holding each other close. 

Until it passes.
She is a non reflective surface. 

Letting my anger pass through her.

In our moments of madness. 

She lets me explode.

Because inside my spark,

Would otherwise implode.

She knows the damage it would cause.

Like a bomb,

Stripping away at my mind.
She is a rope. 

Holding our family together.

While maintaining the weight of her own burdens.

Her rope is frayed, worn.

But not weak.

She holds it strong,

Because she the one

She is home.

She is belonging.

She is Mum.
By Katie Haigh 

copyright@K.Haigh 2nd April 2016



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