You inspire me.

Expand my thoughts.

Open my eyes, my soul,

To see beyond barriers. 

You embrace nature.

Seeing beauty, 

In the tiniest seed.

Seeing importance,

In the smallest life.

Your essence is selfless.

You give all you can. 

Putting others first.

In you, emotions are raw.

Sensitivity runs through you.

Because you care so much.

Sometimes you forget yourself.

You are my inspiration,

My mother, my best friend 

With you by my side,

You make me feel strong.

The love in my heart for you,

Can’t be told in letters. 

So I wrote this poem.

To show a fraction,

Of how special you are. 

You give me so much.

More than I can repay.

So remember, 

I love you,

Each and every day.
By Katie Haigh 

copyright@K.Haigh 16th December 2016


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