She’s distorted reality.
An enigma of transparency. 

Her mind isn’t straight.

In fact it’s ready to break.

She’s chained by conformity.

Breaking the trance of normality.

Watching the clones,

March side by side,

With the same vacant,

Glazed over eyes.

Her actions set off reactions,

Of shock and dismay.

They don’t want her here.

They wish she’d go away.

Her tears spill unnoticed.

Her face is a blur.

She just wants someone somewhere,

To show her that they care.

Her creativity is seen as insanity.

Her words a mindless rant.

But if they really listened,

Her whisper would be a shout.

If they’d hear what she’s saying,

It might just open their minds.

Because she is paying,

For the darkness in the world.

So she walks to the cliff edge,

Her arms spread out wide.

She just didn’t fit in,

Her true self she could not hide.

Katie Haigh 

copyright@K.Haigh February 2017

Art by my daughter Ashleigh Haigh



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