Nature Awakens

Day 3 of Napowrimo, still playing catch up. Used my own inspiration for this one

Nature Awakens 

I listened to the morning chorus.
Bird song, cockerel shouts,
Nature awakens.
But I thought the morning chorus, 
Was tranquil, calm, soothing.
Yet as I listened,
It sounded like ,
A busy intersection of nature.
Tweeting birds,
Seemed to converse loudly.
Each trying to override, 
The conversation of,
The next pair of birds.
The cockerel screeching, 
Loudly over all,
“Look at me, look at me”
The vulnerable young,
Crying out,
Feed me, feed me, feed me.
And the ducks,
In mischievous tones.
All together,
The sounds crash,
and clash together,
As Nature awakens,
To a new day.

By Katie Haigh 

copyright@K.Haigh 05/04/17
Photo by Katie Haigh



2 Comments Add yours

  1. I love how your poem made imagine all the sounds, and then get a bit grumpy – so much noise in the morning, I’m not fully awake yet! Which means you really took me there 🙂

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