A Omen

Napowrimo Day 7  and the prompt is to write a poem of luck or fortuitousness.
A Omen

One night I dreamt

I had walked through

A deep dark wood

The branches overhung

Blocking moonlight

A eerie mist

Made for a

foreboding atmosphere

The leaves crunched

Under foot

As I walked


My breath shallow

Then I saw it

A glimmer of gold

Sparkling amongst

Greens, reds and browns

Taking it into my hand

I wiped off

The bits of earth

And forest

To uncover a little trinket

A golden rocking horse

Lovingly crafted and carved

With intricate details

I felt a connection

To this little horse

I carried it as I continued

Through the woods

Then I awoke

To a new day

The woods I visited

Moving further and further away

With each passing moment

But as I walked

Through my bedroom door

I saw a shimmer of gold again

Looking down

I saw it

To my amazement

There lay the golden rocking horse

From my dreams

I’d never seen it before

In the waking world

So I picked it up

And kept it

In a keepsake box

I still don’t know

How it came to be

From my dreams

To reality
By Katie Haigh

copyright@K.Haigh 06/04/17
Photo by Katie Haigh



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