She’s Like Fire

Napowrimo, Day 11 a portrait type poem.

She is Fire


She is spark

She is fire

She has a heart

Filled with desires


She is changing

Taking the next step

Beginning to experiment

With self image

Working on exam prep


She has a strong mind

Her thoughts are many

She’s out to share them

All in a hurry


She has adventure

love and


She has friendships

With all give and no take


She has a poets heart

Music she loves to hear

She’s outgoing and fun

But sometimes she wishes

She’d disappear


She has a kind soul

She likes to help others

She volunteers her time

Doesn’t like it

when anyone suffers


She is a story untold

A path still to be laid

But the thoughts in her mind

Could fill a landscape


She is young

But is she free

Is her path fated

Or just meant to be


By Katie Haigh

copyright@K.Haigh 11/04/17
Photo by Katie Haigh



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