Behind a Person’s Smile 

Napowrimo, Day 16. Today’s prompt is to write a poem in a letter style.


Behind a Persons Smile



Dear Onlooker,

You see me,

Still in my thirties,

No scars,

No missing limbs,

No wheelchair,

No physical signs.

I am clear of thought.

My voice doesn’t slur.

My words aren’t restricted,

Or slow.

So you think,

I’m fine.

Healthy and happy,

Not disabled.

But if you could see,

The crushing pain I fight,

Or the soul destroying,


I tackle daily.

I pay today,

For living yesterday,

And so I am always,

In debt.

If my pain was visible,

My skin would be,

Covered in angry,

Red scars,

All over my body.

Then you would see.

But there’s not just me,

There are others,

Fighting a silent battle,

Whether physical or mental.

So be kind,

Because we know nothing,

Of what hides beneath,

A persons smile.


A suffer of Invisible Illness.

By Katie Haigh


Meme. The Joker. Source Unknown


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  1. The like is for explaining this so well. And for turning pain into poetry ❤

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