Creating Pain

Napowrimo. Day 19 and today’s prompt is to write a poem that recounts a creation myth. It doesn’t have to be an existing creation myth, or even recount how all of creation came to be. It could be, for example, your own take on the creation of ball-point pens, or the discovery of knitting. Your myth can be as big or small as you would like, as serious or silly as you make it.
My piece is quite dark but comes from deep inside.
Creating Pain

Who decided to create pain?

Is God a sadistic kid,

with a magnifying glass over ants?

Some say.

“You are only given what you can handle”


“You are being tested”


“You can’t have light without darkness”

Well I’m sorry ,

But the creation of pain and suffering ,

Is cruel!

Why create a condition,

Which cannot be healed.

Even with determined persistence,

Or healthy lifestyle.

And it isn’t only bad immoral people,

Who suffer.

Usually it’s good, caring and kind people,

Who end up dying of terminal condition.

So why?

Why must we suffer?

And live with constant pain.

Life is a daily battle,

For those who live this way.

Some can’t live like this,

They chose to end things.

Pain is fine in small quantities,

To help us avoid danger,

Damage to ourselves.

But constant mind crushing pain,

Is evil.

And I pity anyone,

Who suffers this daily grind.
By Katie Haigh

copyright@K.Haigh 19/04/17

Photo by Katie Haigh



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  1. Impossible to make sense of things that don’t make sense 😦 But you did manage to write a poem about it!

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