Magazine Perfection

Magazine Perfection



The girl looks in the mirror.

Her reflection stares back.

Her magazine is reflected too,

Lay open on her bed.

The girl in the magazine,

Catches her eye.

She is what you’d call,

‘Magazine Perfection’

In comparison,

The girl is imperfect.

She has some extra fat,

Hanging around her waist,

And arms.

Her breasts aren’t as perky,

As hers,

Or quite as big.

The girl in the magazine,

Has smooth clear unblemished skin.

Not one mark caresses her body.

The girl touches her face,

A few spots are scattered,

Across her cheeks,

She has a scar next to her eye,

From a childhood fall,

On the playground.

The girl in the magazine,

Is effortlessly sexy.

She is sex appeal,

Without the slut factor.

Other girls try and fail,

To carry this look off.

Instead of subtle sexuality,

They get words like,

Whore thrown around.

The girl analyses her body,

Her bum is too flat,

She’s defiantly no,

Kim Kardashian.

Her hips are much wider,

Than the magazine girl.

Her lips are pale,

Lacking lustre.

Her eyes are a dull grey,

Not sparkling greens or blues,

Like the magazine girls.

Her skin is very pale,

She is naturally pale skinned.

The magazine girl has a,

golden bronze tan,

Her skin seems to skimmer,

Seductively so.

The girl in the magazine,

Looks happy,

Like she’s achieved,

All of her desires.

Like she has a deeply,

Fulfilling life .

The girl looks at her arms,

Angry red scars,

Mark them.

Scars of frustration,

Sadness, imperfection.

Trying to fit in,

In a world,

Where she just doesn’t fit.

And what enables,

These feelings of despair,

Low self esteem,

and lack of confidence.

Well part of it,

Is caused by,

The girl in the magazine.

By Katie Haigh

copyright@K.Haigh 14/05/17
Photo by Ashleigh Haigh


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Good job with this. It is so easy to compare how you look with other people and with magazines, even if you know that the photos are Photoshopped. What stood out most to me is “The girl in the magazine, Is effortlessly sexy. She is sex appeal, Without the slut factor.” Women have to deal with a lot of competing expectations. I can also relate to feeling like you don’t fit in yet desperately trying to. Over the past few years, I have been learning and working on how to find my own niche in the world.

    1. Poetkatie says:

      Thank you. I’ve written this is a more generalised way but I have a curvature of the spine and tilted pelvis so I often feel very self conscious and ugly. I’ve used some of my experiences too. Like the pale skin. I wouldn’t look right tanned but get people telling me if I tan I’d look much healthily. Thank you for your kind comment xx

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