Innocence on the Surface

Written at Rosie Garlands fantastic workshop yesterday with my group Langley writers

Innocence on the Surface

A picture of innocence

She is a vision of youth

We gaze upon this beautiful child

Yet unfolding from her back

Appears blackened leather like wings

In a flash she flies

Into the dark and terrifying woods

We wait

Fear flooding our veins

Expectation making our hearts race

She reappears

Leaning on the deteriorated

Wooden fence

Her gaze is chilling

As her dark eyes

Stare into the distance

Her mouth is stained

With the blood of a fresh kill

It seeps down her chin

Staining her pretty dress

We stand frozen, afraid, shocked

Will she come for us?

Holding breaths in

Scared that she will notice us

Watching her, waiting for action

Finally her wings open widely once more

And off she flies

Into the night

A mysterious creature

Gone but never forgotten

By Katie Haigh

copyright@K.Haigh 18/05/17

Photos by Colin Batty


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