The Night the Concert Ended

The Night the Concert Ended

Yesterday I woke to news

Morning t.v and social media

Was flooded with shock,

Dissolution and terror

As the story unfolds

My heart feels heavy

I am overwhelmed by emotions

Sadness, fear, shock

These things had happened before

And I had felt those emotions then too

But this time

It was more personal

So close to home

A place many I know have been

Where I myself have been

And being the mother of teens

A fear that they could’ve been there

It so easily could’ve been them

But then comes the missing

The lost, the wounded

Where are they?

Learning of the death toll

Shook us

It was a concert

That appealed to young people

Some teens had gone alone with friends

Their first concert without mum and dad

It shouldn’t have ended this way

Now we wait for news

News of who we’ve lost

News of whose survived

And our hearts ache for those families

In mourning, in terror, in loss

But with this news

Comes the heroes

The kind hearts, the community

Pulling together

Rebuilding faith in humanity

The effects of this will stay with us

We will always remember

The night the concert ended

By Katie Haigh

copyright@K.Haigh 24/05/17


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