Chronically Challenged 

Chronically Challenged

I hate my lumpy bumpy bits.

I hate my curvy spine.

I hate my not so white teeth,

That aren’t straight in a line.

I hate my hunch back shoulders.

My pelvis tilted up,

It makes my fat stomach,

Stick out just too much.

I hate my wobbly clicky knees.

My jaw that tries to pop.

I hate that I feel a hundred,

When I’m only thirty five.

I hate that I have to struggle.

That I suffer when I push through.

I hate that I have to plan with precision,

Every little thing I do.

I hate that I lie awake,

When all around me sleep.

I hate that I cannot fulfil,

All my families needs.

I hate that I get very low,

Sometimes I’m really sad.

But most of all I hate,

that I have had to grieve,

For the life I should’ve had.

By Katie Haigh

copywrite@K.Haigh 03/06/17
Photo. Google image. Source Unknown 


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  1. I can relate to not being able to fulfill my family’s needs because they have to take care of me. It must be an immense struggle for you. Hugs to you, Katie!

    1. Poetkatie says:

      Thank you. Us chronically challenged need to stick together x

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