A Tribute to Julia McClay

A friend of mine lost her battle with cancer, a week today. It was a huge shock. She was only on her second round of chemo and the doctors had said it was going so well she no longer needed a bone marrow transplant so everything was going smoothly but then she got an infection in her second course of chemo and sadly passed away. She leaves behind her loving husband David and 6 children. Her first grandchild is due in November and she will never get to meet them. She was a good friend and a talented writer and will be sorely missed 💔💔💔 she was only 41. #GoneTooSoon #CancerSucks


She was the brightest of sparks,

With her strong Scottish tang.

She would brighten any day,

With laughter and joy.

She was the belle of the ball,

When she announced the haggis.

Her personality wasn’t small.

Her humour was electric.

Her poetry was epic.

A story she would tell.

As she shared with us all,

Her stories so well.

Her smile was contagious.

Her laughter, a beautiful sound.

She was a beautiful unique person.

No one like her will ever be found.

By Katie Haigh


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