A Broken Bride and A Worried Groom: a four piece poem

A Broken Bride and A Worried Groom: a four piece poem

A Broken Bride.

How did I get here?

How did this happen?

Sat on a sun lounger,

With my ivy gown,

Spread out around me.

My tears dripping down my cheeks.

The salty taste of a broken heart.

I must look a right state,

Mascara blackening my eyes,

Streaking my face like war paint.

I feel like Ive been to war.

But what happened?

I remember getting ready,

The excitement, the expectations.

It was supposed to be my happy ending.

Looking around I see children laughing.

Splashing and playing games in the pool.

While Mum and Dad sip on colourful cocktails,

Garnished with fruit and a little umbrellas.

I would give anything for a slither of their happiness.

But looking down at my beaten roses.

I remember just what he did!

That cheating creep slept with my best friend,

On our wedding day,

And who should walk in on them,

Lucky old me.

Well I guess I’m lucky.

The smell of these roses,

Would’ve way outlasted our pitiful marriage.

What to do now though?

Seeing my Mum in the distance,

I give her a lacklustre wave.

It’s time to start again.

To knock down and rebuild.

I will not be beaten.

By Katie Haigh

copyright@K.Haigh 21/09/17

A Broken Brides Revenge

I was last seen,

Drowning in tears of a broken heart.

My ivy dress surrounding me,

With sorrows of what could’ve been.

But after a hard knock of reality,

I’m back and rearing to go,

With revenge in mind.

I’d been made a fool of.

No longer would I be the dirt on their shoes.

So I hatched a plan,

A wickedly dark plan.

After all they deserved my wrath.

They had not only betrayed me,

In the most destructive hurtful way,

They had had the gall to hang about too.

Our wedding was to be part of a two week holiday,

For ourselves, friends and family too.

I’d expected him and her,

To jump on the first plane outta here,

With their tails between their legs.

But they have no shame,

They stayed!

Laughing it up on our holiday.

So I paid off the bell boy,

Snuck into their room,

And planted a camera.

I could see all.

Pushing the button,

I pressed record.

Revenge tantalised my tastebuds.

My hands shuck as I forwarded the video,

To everyone in his inbox,

Including his boss.

I also uploaded a copy to YouTube.

My heart raced,

Excited energy tingled nervously to the surface

I smiled, a sly smile.

He wont know what hit him.

I muttered under a tense breath.

By Katie Haigh

copyright@K.Haigh 21/09/17

A Worried Groom

It’s the day of my wedding.

I feel sick with nerves.

My heart is rapidly thumping against my chest,

I feel like an explosion is imminent.

Expectation and Excitement are like boulders on my back.

As I see myself a man in chains.

Headed for a dark and bleak future.

So why am I getting married?

It had started with a pregnancy test.

We’d only been dating a few months.

But the test was positive.

She was so excited.

Happiness poured out of her,

Like a light had turned on inside her.

So on my Dads advice,

I proposed.

It was the right thing to do, after all.

I couldn’t be some dead beat father,

Not there for his child.

She’d squealed with excitement,

And was soon announcing our news to the world.

Then came the infamous bridezilla!

Every breathe we took was for the wedding.

I couldn’t eat breakfast,

Without examining several floral arrangements.

Then it happened…

She had a miscarriage.

It was like a bolt of lightening crashed into our lives.

She was a broken shell.

Her face grey with grief.

I couldn’t walk away from her.

So me and her best mate Becky,

Took over the wedding planning.

So she’d have something to look forward too.

But before long I started to notice,

Becky is so nice, warm, friendly and kind,

Easy to talk to,

And I’d never noticed how beautiful she was.

Or how cute her laugh was.

I told her everything,

She listened with a gentle ear.

So here we are,

On my wedding day.

Becky’s sat next to me,

Trying to sooth my nerves.

I’m struggling to hold myself together.

She leans in to comfort me.

But in that moment,

A moment of madness, weakness or

Perhaps love,

We kiss.

It feels so natural

There’s a fizz of excitement,

A burst of lust,

A moment of anticipation.

We lay down together,

Giving in to the passion of our hearts.

We share frenzied moments of pleasure.

But then suddenly the door opens,

Creaking it alerts us.

And there she is.

Her face engraved with shock.

My fiancé,

My broken bride.

By Katie Haigh

copyright@K.Haigh 21/09/17

A Worried Groom’s Woes

So I was caught,

The cheat, the creep,

The complete loser.

I know why they all feel that way.

In their shoes I’d probably feel the same.

But they don’t understand, why.

I never meant to hurt my broken bride.

She was the reason I bottled myself up.

I didn’t want to hurt her.

That was never my intention.

I was just trying to do the right thing.

I was simply trapped in a inescapable situation.

If I walked away then,

I’d have still been the monster.

Yes the timing wasn’t the best,

But I cannot help who I love.

So I stay,

I’m not running away,

Like some coward.

Il face our family and friends,

Take all the flack I deserve.

Becky mostly stays away,

But comes to see me late at night.

That way we’re not rubbing it into anyone’s face.

It’s the last day today,

Il be so relived to get home.

Yes I’ll have to knock down and rebuild,

But its better than living a lie.

I’m relieved to be honest,

I can finally try to find some happiness.

I just hope one day my broken bride will forgive me.

Oh my god! what’s this?

My phones lighting up.

Someone’s posted a video of me and Becky,

Of our private time together.

It’s everywhere, everyone I know has it.

My boss just rang, I’m fired!

Guess it’s not good for business.

My broken bride must have got her revenge.

I’m sorry for what I did,

But did I deserve a broken life.

By Katie Haigh

copyright@K.Haigh 21/09/17

Photo: Source Unknown


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  1. My favorite part is the mascara running down the bride’s face being like war paint.

    1. Poetkatie says:

      Thankyou, it was a new style for me to try x

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