iCan, iPad

iCan, iPad

When my hands began to hurt,

My grip became too lose.

I thought Id have to give up,

The thing I love to do.

Id collected many books.

Each unique,

To write my words.

I loved the way it felt,

My ink as free as the birds.

But then I couldn’t write,

The way I used to do.

My hands had become so painful,

My wrists would hurt too.

So the solution was simple.

A way that I could write,

Was to use an iPad,

The solution was in sight.

So now I can continue writing,

The words I love to write.

Thanks to my iPad,

My futures looking bright.

By Katie Haigh

©️KatieHaigh January 2018

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  1. Nice ode to your iPad. I’m glad you can still write with it.

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