She lies in bed,


Listening to the world outside.

Listening to the cars passing by.

Listening to voices chatting away,

As they walk on by.

She is stuck.

Trapped in a four wall prison.

Restrained by chains of her own failing health.

Tubes and wires sticking out.

They’ve become part of her body.

A machine beeps a shrill an endless beep.

Sometimes she wants the constant beeps to stop,

She knows it would mean her end.

After one long echoing beep.

With the flick of a switch.

There’d be silence,

Then there would be tears,

Grief and heartbreak.

This alternative was unthinkable.

A constant beep is better than silence anyway.

So she listens,

Listens to hum of life,

Just outside her window.

Listens to what some consider,

Tedious and mundane.

Listens with jealous heart.

She’d give anything for tedious and mundane.

If she could simply join in the world,

Just outside her window.

By Katie Haigh

©️KATIEHAIGH March 2018

Photo and photo edit by Katie Haigh


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