Now its Spring, I’m No Longer S.A.D

For My Mum

Now its Spring, I’m No Longer S.A.D

Its been dark for so long,

Dark, damp and dank.

Its been snow, wind and rain.

Not in that particular order.

I have opened my curtains,

To grey clouds and a overshadowed sun.

I have sighed,

A long flattening sad sigh.

I have felt trapped.

Caged by the weather.

Carrying it on my shoulders,

Like boulders of despair.

But today I opened my curtains,

To be greeted by rays of sunshine.

Bird songs blissfully echoing,

And little girls twirl in sun dresses.

I step out into warmth.

No longer a cold icy chill,

Electrifying my skin.

But heat that soaks into the skin,

And rejuvenates the mind.

I walk with my little dog on her lead,

To a inviting familiar park.

Green shoots of grass and budding flowers,

Frame my path like natures icing on a cake.

The scattered ashes of winter no more.

The geese glide gracefully above.

As the squirrels playfully frolic,

From branch to branch.

Cute new cygnets have appeared.

Fiercely guarded by Mum and Dad.

Toddlers gleefully giggle,

Messily gripping sticky dripping ice lollies.

They squeal with excitement,

As a butterfly flutters by.

And I sigh,

A long satisfying good sigh.

For today is a great day,

To go outside.

Its spring.

By Katie Haigh

©️KATIEHAIGH 12th March 2018

Photo by Katie Haigh


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