Remembering Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl began as a leader

For All Souls brownies at the church

She was there for all the fun and games

Amongst the brownies she would perch

She had a kindness like no other

A heart filled with lots of love

She was like the brownies grandmother

Treating them all as her own

We have many fond memories

Halloween’s, Themed nights and pgl

Our weekend at Springfield park

Organised chaos, covered in chocolate as well

She was there when we became

Crimble Croft Brownies in our new place

Things were never the same

But changed for the better

We had some new outside space

She was there when we did our first

Giant hungry hippos

She lit up seeing the brownies have fun

She always brought the biscuits

She was loved by everyone

So we remember her every year

With a special award in her name

Because kindness was just part of her

Without her we’ll never be the same

By Katie Haigh


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