A Crime of Innocence

Napowrimo 2018, Day 20. Today’s prompt (optional as always) takes its cue from Notley’s rebelliousness, and asks you to write a poem that involves rebellion in some way. The speaker or subject of the poem could defy a rule or stricture that’s been placed on them, or the poem could begin by obeying a rule and then proceed to break it (for example, a poem that starts out in iambic pentameter, and then breaks into sprawling, unmetered lines). Or if you tend to write funny poems, you could rebel against yourself, and write something serious (or vice versa). Whatever approach you take, your poem hopefully will open a path beyond the standard, hum-drum ruts that every poet sometimes falls into.

I lie upon the wet concrete,

Shivering through the night.

I cover myself in cardboard,

Desperate to get some heat.

My clothes are shabby and worn.

My skin is black with dirt.

I haven’t eaten in so long,

That my insides hurt.

They’ve put spikes,

Where I used to shelter.

I would only go there at night.

I know I am unsightly,

Still it doesn’t seem right.

Today I got arrested,

For sleeping on the ground.

They told me they will fine me,

But I don’t even have a pound.

If I had the money to pay it,

I would’ve paid for a place to sleep.

Instead I am arrested,

For being homeless on the street.

By Katie Haigh

©️KATIEHAIGH 20/04/18


2 Comments Add yours

  1. RuthEK says:

    A sad reality 😢 well written.

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