For Christian George James Kilduff

Napowrimo 2018, Day 22. Today I share a special poem for my special little Godson Christian because today hes had his naming day and we’ve celebrated him becoming a Kilduff. I am honored to be Christians moral guardian and I love him loads and look forward to seeing him achieve so much in the future.

The Kilduff Clan took you,

Into their hearts,

Into their home,

Into their lives.

Your new start.

You needed helping hands,

To help you grow.

To help you learn,

So you could glow.

They have showered you with love.

Given you opportunities.

Helped you achieve.

Opened you up to new communities.

They gave you belief,

Knowing you could.

They’ll never give up,

Even when doctors would.

So no matter what the world holds for you.

Know that your Mum, Dad and sisters,

Will always love you.

When all is said and done.

Because you are Christian George James Kilduff,

A wonderful son!

By Katie Haigh


4 Comments Add yours

    1. Poetkatie says:

      Thank you I read it as part of the naming ceremony xx

  1. Subhajit Sanyal says:


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