Postcard to Heaven

Napowrimo 2018, Day 28. Today’s prompt (optional, as always). Following the suggestion of our craft resource, we challenge you today to draft a prose poem in the form/style of a postcard. If you need some inspiration, why not check out some images of vintage postcards?

Wish you were here,

I’m missing your smile.

Its been so long,

So much more than a while.

Wish you were here,

So we can share some laughs.

I remember us in stitches,

Looking back at photographs.

Wish you were here,

So we could have a chat.

We put the world to rights,

Discussing this and that.

Wish you were here,

I miss you everyday.

Its not been the same,

Since you went away.

By Katie Haigh

©️KATIEHAIGH 28/04/18


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Dainy Bernstein says:

    Oh, this is lovely! The perfect balance between sweet memories and the ache of separation. The repetition of “wish you were here” is so powerful.

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