This Girls School Day

Napowrimo 2018, Day 29. Went with my own flow today.

Today I’m nervous

Ive got a maths test

After lunch

But I’m also excited

Because a boy I like

Said he’d sit with me

In study hall

I’m chewing my pencil

Absent mindedly

While I write my verbs

I’m texting my bestie

Under the table

While she reassures me

He’ll ask me out

I’m sighing with annoyance

At the junivnile boys

Spitting paper balls through straws

I’m brushing my hair

In the bathroom on my break

I’m topping up my lipstick

As my heart begins to chase

I’m screaming with excitement

Telling my bestie

The guy I like asked me out

I’m screaming with terror

Hiding under my gum stuck desk

Trembling under fire

Theres blasts all around

Everything’s moving slowly

I can’t hear a sound

My bestie lays beside me

Her skin ice

While in her blood

I could drown

Then an explosion

As sound breaks free

All I can hear is screaming

Including the screams within me

Everyone’s running

Yelling to get out

I make a run for it

Amongst the chaos and the shouts

Then I feel it

Like a sharp sudden pain

Ringing in my ears

Then all goes black

The madness disappears

I wake to worried faces

Tears from Mum and Dad

Their thankful I made it

But fear the trauma I’ve had

Recovery is slow

But at least I’m intact

Except for a little hearing loss

And the nightmares in my mind

Now I’m looking at the memorial

I see the faces of the lost

Among them my bestie and the boy I liked

They were part of the cost

And why were they taken

Because of a maniac with a gun

Means we all pay the price

When all is said and done

By Katie Haigh

©️KATIEHAIGH 29/04/18

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  1. Wow, words lose me. Deep. 😎

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