Everyone’s A Winner

He blinked,

And blinked again.

He couldn’t believe his eyes.

His numbers had come up on the lottery.

He jumped in the air,

He actually squealed with excitement.

He was a millionaire.

He went to bed with the biggest smile.

Not telling a soul his news.

Up early for work.

He marched in,

Swore at his boss,

Telling him a few home truths.

Thumped the idiot son,

Whose only skill was nepotism,

Then he walked home, a skip in his step.

So full of happiness he could burst.

His wife greeted him cheerfully,

Puzzled by his arrival and demeanour.

He said excitedly “We Won, We Won”

His wife scanned the ticket,

“But the lottery wasn’t drawn last night”

She muttered.

He said “I saw the drawing when I watched Game On”

She sighed,

“Oh Bod that was a recording from six months ago”

All the blood drained from Bobs face,

What had he done!

By Katie Haigh

©️KATIEHAIGH 17/05/18


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