Tomorrow’s World

Tomorrow’s world will be technologically advanced,

With transporters that can beam you to France.

With computer screens in the wearers eyes.

Controlled by the thoughts inside your mind.

Food will be genetically grown.

While fresh foods are stories old people told.

Cars will be electronic driverless machines.

Theres fewer accidents and it keeps itself clean.

Medical science will have advanced threefold.

Growing new organs, for a high price they are sold.

Alcohol and drugs are a thing of the past,

Instead people use endorphin techno buzzes, because they tend to last.

Tomorrow’s world will be the ribbon hiding the tears.

Theres death and destruction, but nobody cares.

It’s painted over with the shiny and advanced.

We’re so brainwashed by this new world, we are blindly entranced.

The rubble of what once was is out of sight.

Many have died for their government’s right.

Those who live are safe, comfortable and warm,

Because in this new world it is their norm.

By Katie Haigh

©️KATIEHAIGH 28/05/18


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