Behind the Mask, Stalker Online

Shes just a child,

Going through change.

Feeling mixed up.

Hormones to blame.

She reaches out,

To the online world.

Hoping to find a friend,

So she doesn’t feel alone.

Hes a middle aged man,

Hiding behind a mask.

Luring her into his web of deceit.

He paints a picture of a teenage boy,

Who is friendly, all her fantasies meet.

He grooms her with compliments,

A listening hear and discreet pretty little gifts.

He promises her love,

He promises her freedom,

He promises she’ll never feel alone.

Text talk,

Turns to conversation,

Turns to secret plans to meet.

He insists she doesn’t tell her parents,

Because they simply wouldn’t understand.

So sneaking out late at night,

Excitement fizzes inside her.

Shes meeting the man of her dreams,

But dreams soon turn to nightmares.

Heart beat racing,

Behind her hes chasing.

Shes running with all of her might.

She sees a neighbor,

Runs into his arms.

Shes screaming,

Theres fears in her eyes.

Hes disappeared into the shadows.

Now to explain to Mum and Dad.

They call the police,

He gets arrested.

Shes not the only girl he scammed.

Its turns out shes the lucky one.

Some of the others,

Never came home.

So now when she goes online,

Shes careful to who she responds.

By Katie Haigh

©️KATIEHAIGH 29/05/18

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