The Cosumer Vs Northern Rail

I heard it on the radio.

Saw it on the news.

It was all over social media.

Everybody had their views.

Twitter was the battle ground.

Consumers chose to air,

Their anger at the well known company.

The so called Northern Rail.

Northern Rail naively decided to block and to ignore.

That just made the peoples anger turn into a roar.

They shouted every place they could.

Northern Rail is a dishonest disgrace.

Because of them I’m late for work,

The boss has docked my wage.

The consumers dissatisfaction,

Only grew and grew.

By packing them in, like sardines,

The rebellion was due.

Who knows what their next move will be.

If they’ll put things right.

One things for sure,

They shouldn’t start a row with northerners,

Because bloody hell they know how to fight.

By Katie Haigh

Copyright@KatieHaigh 25/06/18

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  1. Wonderful. I love it. 😎

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