Spending Christmas

Spend, spend, spend,

When will it end?

Got to get it all

Own it all

Material possessions

Big and small

Got to give the best

Be the best

Be the greatest mum

It’s all school yard politics

Got to get the job done

The flock take centre stage

Gossiping like it’s all the rage

Sarah’s Mum begins to brag

That she’s got Christmas in the bag

I got my girls designer gear

They’ll be the best dressed in the new year

Yet her mind is ticking away

Thinking her ‘friends’ are judging her anyway

Not having anyone thinking I’m poor

So my girls wont see the floor

When they come down on Christmas Day

Everything will be ok

They’ll forgive me for missing their plays

And for never going out for fun days

Then there’s me

Feeling bad

That I can’t spend xxx amount

Where do you draw the line

Say no, I can’t, not this time

‘’Tis the season to get in debt

Spending money without regret

Yet the greatest gift you can give

Is being present for your kids

Listening to what they have say

Giving them love every day

Do you think your Grandma

Wants an ornament collecting dust

Quality time together is a must

So instead of spend, spend, spend

Give your time to family and friends

By Autumn Willow

Copyright@K.Haigh 16/12/18

photo by Katie Haigh

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