Napowrimo 2019, Day 17. Today, I’d like you to challenge you to write a poem that similarly presents a scene from an unusual point of view. Perhaps you could write a poem that presents Sir Isaac Newton’s discovery from the perspective of the apple. Or the shootout at the OK Corral from the viewpoint of a passing vulture. Or maybe it could be something as everyday as a rainstorm, as experienced by a raindrop.

I am a daisy,

On a hill,

In a field,

Among many.

Every day,

Dogs sniff me,

Children run by,

Adults walk passed,

Foxes scamper,

Rabbits hop,

Birds swoop,

Bugs land.

I stand,

Soaking in sun,

Nourished by rain.

I am small,

One of thousands,

All like me,

On a hill,

In a field,


I am picked.

A daisy chain.

Then dropped,

To become,

Part of the earth,

Once more.

By Autumn Willow

Copyright@AutumnWillow:KatieHaigh 17/04/19

Photo. Google stock image


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