Napowrimo 2019. Day 26. Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that uses repetition. You can repeat a word, or phrase. You can even repeat an image, perhaps slightly changing or enlarging it from stanza to stanza, to alter its meaning. There are (perhaps paradoxically) infinite possibilities in repetition. Want to look at some examples? Perhaps you’ll find inspiration in Joanna Klink’s “Some Feel Rain” or John Pluecker’s “So Many.”

Please don’t hurt me

My heart is splintered

Thousands of pieces scattered

Broken beyond compare

I have lost love

Please don’t hurt me

I am so much smaller and weaker

You are only reflecting your anger

I know they hurt you

Please try to break the cycle

Please don’t hurt me

Just because I scare you

I may be little and creepy

Yet I mean no harm

I’m just catching my lunch

Please don’t hurt me

I am fighting an inner battle

You cannot clearly see

Your judgemental eyes

Bore into my soul

Please don’t hurt me

I’ve exposed my inner truth

Shared with you my darkest secrets

Gave you my friendship

But above all my trust

Please don’t hurt me

I gave you life

Believed in and loved you

Raised you with the best intentions

Supported you throughout

Please don’t hurt me

Try hard not to cause me pain

Intentionally hurting others

Is the greatest of evils

So please don’t hurt me

By Autumn Willow

Copyright@AutumnWillow:KatieHaigh 26/04/19

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