I am a Poem

Napowrimo 2019. Day 28, catching up after a busy few days. Now for our daily (optional) prompt. As you may have guessed, today I’d like to challenge you to try your hand at a meta-poem of your own. If you’re having trouble coming up with a poem about poetry, and would like to take a look at a few examples, you might check out the Wallace Stevens and Harryette Mullens poems featured in the article about metapoetry linked above, or perhaps Archibald MacLeish’s “Ars Poetica” or Kendel Hippolyte’s “Advice to a Young Poet.”

I am a poem,

Does that mean I have to rhyme?

Do I have to have rhythm?

Must my words flow all the time?

I am a poem,

Must I use academic words?

Should my lines be structured?

Should I be as free as the birds?

I am a poem,

Should I be hard to understand?

Only for the elite to read.

Or for everyone do I take a stand?

I am a poem,

I can make you laugh and cry.

Comfort you in sorrow ,

Help you find the words to say goodbye.

I am a poem,

I can be a great many things.

Magical for children.

A companion or I can give you wings.

I am a poem,

To be enjoyed in many ways.

Whether read from a book,

Open mic or at a slam that pays.

I am a poem,

Whose to say what I must be!

As long as I evoke a feeling,

I’ll carry on being me.

By Autumn Willow

Copyright@AutumnWillow: KatieHaigh 29/04/1

Photo by Katie Haigh

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Nathan says:

    Good questions!!! 😉

  2. This is wonderful! 😊

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