I am One of the Forgotten Disabled

I’m disabled,

But I am not an inspiration.

I’m not in the media,

For breaking down walls.

I am not a Paralympic star,

Or one of those,

A bad attitude can’t stop them.

Doing the unbelievable,

Amazing the world.

Nor am I at deaths door,

Critically chronic.

Sympathy in bucket loads,

Prayers and tears,

Strangers weep.

I am not ‘she’ whose always smiling,

Never showing the pain,

“She’s such an inspiration,

I never see her cry”

I am chronically ill,

I have good days and bad days.

Sometimes my bad days,

Really get me down.

I get frustrated,

I get angry,

Sometimes I want to scream.

Other times I need to cry.

I have to pace my self.

I’ve learned the hard way,

I cannot just push through,

Because everything has a price.

At times I wear a mask.

I can paint on a smile.

Yet I am only human,

I can break down,

Lose myself in pain.

So I am disabled,

But I’m not an inspiration.

I’m just trying to live,

One day at a time.

By Autumn Willow

Copyright@AutumnWillow/KatieHaigh 14/07/19

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  1. That is how most of us are…ordinary and commonplace! Beautifully articulated.

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