The Next Step

He was once in my arms,

A baby who cried.

I could meet his needs,

While singing a lullabye.

Then he grew,

I held his hand.

As he tripped and stumbled.

While he learned to run.

The time came,

For school bells to ring.

I waved him off,

Smiling as my tears stung.

I expectantly waited,

For news of his day.

Were the other kids friendly?

Would he be ok?

Then in a flash,

He was in blazer and tie.

Going to big school.

As I waved him goodbye.

I found he had struggles.

That his anxiety peaked.

So I went to get help,

They said he has ASD.

So I got and gave him support,

To help with his needs.

Building his life skills,

Planting the seeds.

I wanted him to cope.

To manage life in this world.

It’s hard to stand back,

As into the future he is hurled

Yet every day I try,

To help his independance build.

Now he’s off to college,

To make his mind more skilled.

So I stand beside him,

Supporting him all the way.

His futures uncertain.

Yet I know he’ll be ok.

By Autumn Willow


Photo by Katie Haigh

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