Precious Time

Precious Time If only I had the time,I’d say.A throwaway comment,Yet time is not the issue.Time I have in plentiful,What I truly lack is energy. My mind is busy,Creative and imaginative.I have ideas.I am without,The strength to carry it all out. Still I manage to do some,And some is not none.So I take pride,In what…


Trigger Warning.  Mental illness. She’s made her own hell,Created her own pain.For she dances with demons again and again. She faces battles,Leaving her bloody and scarred.But these are invisible,To the naked eye. Her torment is dark,Created by her minds self destruct.She wishes she could think differently,Yet on self defamation she’s stuck. It’s like a poison,Deep…

Image of Self

Trigger Warning. Self image defamation and mental illness. I’m not that girl,That natural beauty,That woman who lights up eyes. My shoulders are hunched,My pelvis is tilted ,Making my structure strange how it lies. My belly is too big,Sticking out further,Because of my mislined spine. My arms are flabby,As are my face and thighs,There isn’t anything…

The Cost

Trigger Warning. Mental illness. Disability Normality is going out,Having fun without concern. Knowing tomorrow will be fine,Being able to carry on. The chronically challenged, Don’t get this luxury. We instead live in fear,Fear of consequences. Knowing every outing, Will result in an penance. A physical and mental price tag, The length of which can vary….

Some Days

Some days you wake up tired.Some days you wake up in pain.Some days you feel flat,And that’s OK.Because Some days aren’t everyday. By Katie Haigh©️K.Haigh


Betrayal They say blood is thicker than water, That true family is the be all and end all. Yet I have seen first hand, That bounds are about actions. Someone who casts off responsibilities. Whose selfish nature is damaging and corse. Should they be held in hearts, Because of blood and connections. Relation is relative,…

Chronic Mind

Trigger Warning. Mental illness, depression, anxiety. Chronic Mind Some days I am hurtingHurting so muchMy heart aches Hurting so muchMy mind is cloudedA head full of hateAll directed at me I doubt those I loveReturn my feelingsI feel twisted by anxietyWhile depression taunts me It isn’t a lack of gratitudeFor I have so muchI am…

Days Like These

Napowrimo 2022, Day 30. Off topic. Days Like These Some days are sleepy days,Tired out and done days.Don’t want to do anything days,Stay in and rest days.Time to recharge and recover days,Be busy other days.Time for me days,Today’s a nothing day. By Katie Haigh©️K.Haigh


Napowrimo 2022, Day 29. Off topic. Time

Going Up

Napowrimo 2022, Day 28. Today’s prompt asks us to write a concrete poem. By Katie Haigh©️K.Haigh                                    I left that behind                                Back because                            Never looking                         Keep going up                      I just have to                   I can make it                A time. I know             One step at          Up the stairs      As I struggle   BreathlessFeeling Going Up