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Doing the Right Thing Until it’s Better

Pen embraces paper
Ink expanding into a sea of white
Like a beautifully smooth flow of fonts
A writers mind focused
Expecting conception of inspiration
Writing until it’s better
Writing until what’s better?
The words, the story
Or the mind of the creator
The maker, the storyteller
For the hand which holds the pen
Can carry such weighted peril
Such misery and low self image
How can the holder of this pen do right?
Because doing right for the writer is to write
So the dance continues
Pen waltzing, looping and swooping
Across its canvas
Lost in the creative flow
Doing the right thing until it’s better.

By Katie Haigh

Copyright@KatieHaigh November 2014

Photo by Katie Haigh. Copyright@KatieHaigh


World end

Posted: November 5, 2014 in Uncategorized


How will the world end. I think it will be ages away when I or you do not exist it could be of a zombie apocolipes which would be cool but horrible, fire the explosion we will not see a fast and painful death but you see it could also be ice freezing cold maybe even water. I do wonder what it behold but for that I will hope to never know.



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Words from me

Posted: November 4, 2014 in Uncategorized


Hi here is some things I have thought of before

1.She found herself hidden in scars and tears which is were she never wanted to end up.

2. If she said sorry the enemy would win and she would be proven a fool who could not stand up for her self and be called for ever but if she did not all of hell would break loose .

3. She risen from the darkness and in the hidden lies of secrets she found hope .

4. She wanted to refuse and give up but denied as she found hope within the little friendship she had left.


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